Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What is wellness?

Health benefits are important because health is important. I can remember with every new job I have started people asking me " how's the benefits?". We as a society have come to agree that our health is so important that most jobs out there offer or include health benefits. Health dose not come from having health benefits! The benefits you receive by your private insurance company or employer address illness, disease, and injury. We could more appropriately call the benefits you receive "sick benefits".

What is health and wellness? Where dose it come from? Who's responsible for it? Physical health is revealed when we wake up to the inseparable connection to the innate intelligence in our body. Dis-ease is simply a disconnect from this innate intelligence, disconnect between body and mind, disconnect between the parts and the whole. Total wellness is the strengthening and deepening of an awakening to this connection of body and mind, the parts and the whole.
Wellness comes from within. The path to wellness is an exploration and revelation into this innate intelligence, this natural state of being. Wellness is always present in you (now).
I am responsible for this wellness, you are responsible, we are responsible. My sincere intention and responsibility is to create supportive environments that facilitate each individuals journey to improved health and wellness. It is your responsibility to seek the path and guidance to health and wellness. It is our responsibility as human beings to support and nurture our own and others paths to total health and wellness, our natural state of being.