Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Self Realization

To know yourself is not to know who you are but what you are. So many times I have heard people talk about meditation and spiritual practice as a path to knowing who you truly are. It is thinking we know who we are that distracts us from knowing what we truly, always, already, and forever are. If the goal is self realization, liberation, nirvana, the final solution, then the last thing we would want to do is develop a stronger sense of " who " we are. Rest in the natural state of just being at ease, "what you are", the observer, silent witness, which never changes, its nature never changing. From what you are, relax with and around who you are. Just watch who you are as it comes and goes, constantly changing, thoughts and ideas about yourself, others, the world around you, feelings, happy, sad, emotions, and physical sensations. Who you are has many different quality's and characteristics that are constantly changing. Can you sit in silence for just one minuet and find any part of who you are that dose not change? Really, give it a try. What you are is the awareness of who you are, constantly changing. It has no quality's or characteristics, it is just aware. It is not definable, cannot be measured, has no beginning and no end, and by its very nature free of limitation. Realizing this is to realize limitless peace and serenity.