Thursday, February 26, 2009

Finding Freedom Workshop
"Freedom is a choice we all have the ability to make"

Do you experience confusion, anxiety, anger, fear, depression?

Do you you experience mental and physical stress and fatigue?

Do you find that all to often you want what you don't have, and have what you don't want?

Can you honestly say you are free?

Free The Mind
Identify negative tendencies of the mind that leave us experiencing fear, confusion, anger, anxiety, loneliness, and depression.
Explore the freedom we can experience from increasing our awareness of negative states of mind and how they function to control our lives.
Explore tools and techniques including
the study of thoughts, the power of speech, the power of acceptance, body awareness, and meditation to understand and transcend these negative states of mind and realize peace.

During the course of the workshop we will explore each topic individually through lecture, Q & A, and active participation in specific exercises. The conclusion of the retreat will be an integration of all topics where each individual will leave with a daily/weekly program to follow, along with follow up consultations via phone and/or email.

Please join us in our daylong workshop where we will work together and support each other on our journey to finding freedom.

Workshop held at OUR SACRED SPACE Wellness Center. 2075 Lincoln Ave Suite E&F< San Jose, CA 95125 (Willow Glen)

$65 fee will include snacks and tea, and services offered by Abijah Crabtree.
Rsvp by March 25th to, or call Abijah at (408)469-6764