Monday, April 13, 2009

Power of speech (week two)

Week two (Divisive speech)

This week we will be studying divisive speech. Again we will be using our pocket notebook during the day to jot down and note any situations that we find ourselves using divisive speech. At night we will reference our notebook and elaborate in our journal adding our reflection on the 3 check points, 1. before, 2. during, 3. after. Divisive speech is any speech that could cause a rift between people or groups of people. Most of the time this form of speech turns up in gossip, so that might be a place to be extra vigilant.

Again we want to make an objective observation of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and physical sensations before, during, and after these situations. If you have really put some effort into the first weeks assignment you should see by now that it is difficult at times to be objective. We find ourselves not wanting to look into the situation deeply. But if you have put in an honest effort you should also have noticed that it can be very liberating to gain an awareness of the function of your mind. Just this increased awareness loosens the grip of identification with the sometimes chaotic movements of mind.

Be firm and disciplined with your practice of studying your speech, but also be gentle with yourself, resting as the awareness of who you are. Reflect on the oneness of being and becoming, let go and trust in both.

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Who Am I?

Free Satsang, Topic "Who Am I?"

The question we are all asking and simultaneously answering but unaware of.

Host: Abijah Crabtree, Fat Free Buddha Health & Wellness

Date: Thursday, April 16, 2009
Time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Location: Our Sacred Space Wellness center
Street: 2075 Lincoln Ave Suite E&F
City/Town: San Jose, CA

Phone: 4084696764

Who Am I?
It all boils down to this question. The purpose and meaning in our
life is right here in this moment, in every moment, for it is in this
very moment this question and answer is being worked out, (unfolding).
" Who Am I?" is a process, a process that if woken up to can and will lead to true freedom.

We will begin with a 30 minuet meditation, then go into the topic
"Who Am I?" for an hour, primarily Q & A format. I hope you all can attend:-)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

What is True love?
How can I find true love?
How can I give true love?

If you find yourself asking these questions this is surely a talk you want to attend. If you think you know what true love is, but at the same time cant seem to find it , you might not be looking in the right place or you might not truly know what it is.

Take a chance on love... Come join me in an exploration into "True Love:-)

FREE! Donations accepted.

Abijah Crabtree, Fat Free Buddha Health & Wellness
Friday, April 10, 2009
7:00pm - 8:30pm
Our Sacred Space Wellness center
2075 Lincoln Ave Suite E&F
San Jose, CA


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Power of speech (week one)

If you cant control your speech, there's no way you can hope to control your mind!

This is a suggested exercise from my workshop "Finding Freedom (Free the Mind)". We will focus on 5 types of speech that are harmful to ourselves and others.
1) Untruthful speech ( words spoken with intent of misrepresenting the truth ).
2)Divisive speech (words spoken that could cause rifts between people ).
3) Harsh speech (words spoken that have the potential to hurt a persons feelings ).
4) Idle chatter ( words spoken with no purposeful intent at all ).
5) Gossip ( words spoken about a person behind their back ).

We will study our speech objectively using 3 check points of observation. Before, during, and after.
1) Before ( notice the focus of intent, why did you say what you said. Notice what feelings, emotions, and physical sensations accompany this intent )?
2) During ( just notice what feelings, emotions, and physical sensations arise during speaking )?
3) After ( notice what resulted from your speech, how did it affect you, what feelings, emotions, and physical sensations arise)?

This week we will study (Untruthful Speech).
Things you will need, ( small pocket size note book, regular note pad for journaling, and pencil or pen).

Keep pocket note pad on you at all times. Make note of all words spoken containing untruths, from exaggerating a storie to lying about why we are late for work. Every untruth no matter how petty.Write the time, who was involved, & a brief explanation what it was about. At night before bed find a private place to journal. Reference you notes and journal the before, during, and after of each situation, add any reflections that may come up.

Remember, be gentle with yourself, accept all of who you are. What you are is already perfect and complete. Who you are is an evolution, we have the power to create what that evolution looks like. Relax and enjoy the process of growth & discovery that is taking place. The power of speech is an amazing transformative potential we can use skillfully to change our lives.

Use this blog site to make any comments and or questions during the week. Next Sunday we will explore what insights we have come to during the week.If you have any questions feel free to call ( 408-469-6764).

Enjoy your life:-)